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  Members of the Camarilla �

Wes Contreras has served the US Affiliate for over three years as the
National Coordinator, but his real life duties have been steadily
increasing. Rather than have the membership suffer because limited time
available he has to fulfill the duties of this position, Wes has opted to
step down early, so a replacement can be found.

He will be staying on until the election is held and a new US NC is
installed, so there will be no period of vacancy in this post.

I encourage every member who has benefited from Wes' tenure to drop him a
note, comment on his LJ, ping him on IRC and give him your personal thanks
for the time and energy he has given to the Camarilla in one of the most
exhausting positions in the club.


That being said:

The National Coordinator (NC) is the head of administration for the United
States. A positive attitude, solid negotiating skills, and good
communication skills are a must in this position. The national coordinator
is also responsible for managing the regional coordinators.

The duties of the national coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  - Communicate between the member of the Camarilla USA, the Camarilla
  Council and the Club Director.
  - Report monthly on the status of the Nation.
  - Coordinate with the National Conventions Administrator to choose
  sites for national events
  - Help members track their prestige, and to report that prestige to
  the organization
  - Help facilitate conflict resolution between members (see the section
  in this handbook on conflict resolution).
  - Provide leadership and guidance for the nation.
  - Create and maintain an identity for the nation.

The NC has authority to:

  - Award General (also called Open), Regional and National Prestige
  within the limits presented in the Prestige section.
  - Review prestige logs for all member class advancements and awards of
  MC 12-14.
  - Provide disciplinary action of national members, including
  suspensions of up to six months and stripping of up to four levels of member
  - Receive four loaned levels of member class while in office, up to MC

Facilitating communication within a nation is essential to keep the nation
running smoothly. It is the national coordinator's job to help the nation's
membership publicize their events within the nation. The national
coordinator should also act as a contact point between the Camarilla
Council, the Club Director, and members of the Camarilla USA.

At this time I am issuing an All-Call for applications to fulfill the
position of the US National Coordinator. Applications must be submitted to
me at: Clubdirector@white-wolf.com by Midnight EST on Wednesday, June 13,
2007. No late submissions will be accepted.

Applications should include the following:

�        Identification: Name, Camarilla Membership Number (must be a
current member in the United States), Contact methods to include: email,
MSN/AOL/Other chat

�        Camarilla Experience: It is recommended that candidates should have
at a minimum, two years of Camarilla coordinator experience, ideally with a
year or more at the regional level. Greater consideration will be given to
members with a history of RC level background which shows the candidate has
experience handling cross-domain interactions between members. Candidates
with out substantive experience may be vetted out.

�        Relevant Non-Camarilla Experience: Because this position manages a
moderately sized volunteer staff, real world experience in managing staff
and mentoring new hires will be an asset to being considered. In addition, a
proven history of team-building skills is desirable.

�        Vision Statement � Why are you the best person for this office?
What will you do if selected as the new US NC?

�        Identification of Issues � What do you see as the 3-5 biggest
issues facing the Camarilla USA at this time and what would you do to
address those in your first months in office?

�        References/Letters of Recommendation: Please provide at least 3 and
no more than 6 references from the Camarilla membership. It is recommended
that no more than 2/3s of your references are from your home region, as it
is important that the USNC work with all the regions in the US. You may opt
to include these references as letters of recommendation instead, so long as
contact information for the member is included.

�        Disciplinary Action Notification: If you have been subject to any
DA's since July 2006, please include that information. It will be kept

The Question and Answer session for the qualified candidates with the US
RC's will begin roughly around Sunday, June 17, 2007.

Any questions about this process or requirements may be sent to me at:

Kelley Barnes-Herrmann
Camarilla Club Director

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