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  By Bob Jones, AP

PRICE, UTAH -- Maurice Malan IV, CEO and owner of
Lazarus Energy Ltd took his life yesterday when it was
released to the media that he employed illegal
immigrants as a nearly never ending supply of slave
labor for their mine in Price, Utah, approximately two
and a half hours South East of Salt Lake City.

This all started when allegations of workers were
being paid below minimum wage, working six days a
week, 12 to 14 hours a day with inadequate housing and
health care.  This led to investigation from several
human rights groups and increased pressure put on
Malan and Lazarus Energy.

To make matters worse, the mine recently collapsed
killing many of the workers.  It is unclear if Malan
was responsible for it, or if it was a safety
oversight.  This has caused the state of Utah to step
in and seize control of the mines and re-distribute
the contracts. 

State officials have also discovered that Lazarus
Energy executives have hidden several archaeological
sites that they have come across in their mining
operations.  These sites have been disturbed and local
historical societies and Native American tribes are
taking an interest in trying to preserve these sites
from further destruction.

Lazarus is being lobbied to compensate the workers and
families of dead workers, which Lazarus has declined
to comment.  The Milan estate has also declined to
comment if they will continue their patronage of the
arts and education in the Castle Valley area, as they
have funded local artists and several scholarships to
underprivileged children for years.

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