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  Dear Camarilla Members,

after three years as the Camarilla's Master Storyteller, it is
time for me to move on and for the Club to enjoy new leadership
in this office.

I had the privilege of working with some of the finest officers
and Storytellers that have ever contributed to the Camarilla. It
is impossible to list the numerous contributors to the Master
Storyteller office over the years, but I want to at least name
those who have had a deep and profound impact on the way the
Club has developed since 2003/2004. Please allow me to thank
Dawn Lloyd, Silja Sample, Charlie Rose, Todd Branch, Robin Cannon,
Sam Flegal, Erik Blair, Sean Alexander, Jim Fisher, Kevin Drugan,
Randy Ochs, Jerry Spaulding, Hilary Sklar, Lino di Julio, and all
the many others that have had such an immense effect on the game.

Similarly, it's been a pleasure to collaborate with National
Storytellers and other officers from around the world. It truly
would not have been the same without the contributions of such
luminaries as Sam Bowden, David Bounds, Phil Rickaby, Chris Grice,
Antonio Ferraro, Charles Dunne, Ciaran O Muirthile, Ciaran Kenny,
and everybody else. I could go on for hours listing names of
awesome officers, but I'd run out of room and you'd run out
of patience. Finally, I need to mention the Camarilla members
who helped me understand our Club, and to become a better member
and officer myself. All of this would have been impossible without
the diligent efforts of Miguel Duran, Wade Jones, April Asbury,
Mark Seketa, Evan Odensky and Joe Franklin.

My closing thoughts are to echo what Dwight Eisenhower said in
his final speech as President of the United States. He chose to
end not with compliments and thanks, but with a warning of the
structures that he considered potentially harmful to the well
being of America. In the Camarilla, we do not have a military-
industrial complex, but we do have structures of authority and
decision-making that are often impenetrable and seemingly
arbitrary to outsiders. Bureaucracy and authoritarianism continue
to impair some members' enjoyment in the Camarilla. Always
remember that the first duty of a leader is to be doubtful of
your own wisdom and aware of your own fallibility. Although
some have said that the Camarilla is a service organization, I
primarily consider it to be a society of people who enjoy similar
things, and who want to be in each other's presence. No customer
service experience can ever try to match the experience we derive
from the shared fun we have with our friends.

Thank you all.


Alex T., Camarilla Master Storyteller, US2002023902, UK98110007

            "What do we need to make our world come alive?
                   What does it take to make us sing?"

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