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  Heya Ladies and Gents of the Southwest!
As Kara's announced, I'm your new SW ARC Charities; and to kick my position into full gear I'm now opening a Regional blood drive!
Starting today (6/6/07) and ending 6 weeks from now; (7/18/07) all members of the Southwest Region can go to their local blood donation center (Red Cross being the most common) and donate for *Regional* prestige.
All you have to do is get a slip from the donation center and show it as proof to your DC, who should then contact me with your name and Cam number so the prestige you'll earn for it can be noted in the Regional Coordinator's report. (which means if you donate before the 15th of this month, your prestige will be noted now)
The Prestige reward for blood donation is 25 Regional; which since you have to wait a certain amount of time between blood donations, can only be done once during this charity drive.
Lastly, for those of you who can't donate blood for one reason or another; (ie: if you're like me and freaked out by needles) you are free to donate time handing out cookies and juice to thoe who donate, or even donae the materials yourself for the same amount of prestige.
Alrighty guys, let's get to it, and I look forward to sending an email at the end with the total amount of we've donated in the SW!
Amanda Humble
DC: Los Angeles
SW ARC: Charities

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