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  Hello all,
As some of you may have heard at the regional meeting I am going to be looking to pass the position of ARC Technologies to someone else soon. The reasons behind that are purely my intention of getting more involved with the Club on a different capacity. I will also continue to host the regional website free of charge at both my data centers across the US.
What that means is that if you want a shot at this and you are an experienced web designer, have good communication skills, near to constant online access, and the time to commit to this great region and the Camarilla you need to drop me a note pronto. Some of you already verbally expressed interest but I need you to email me a letter of intent.
Expect to be interviewed by myself and Kara if she finds it necessary. Also please have some samples of your work available for me at the time of the application.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Nicko D. - US2003122606
US ANST WoD / SW ARC Technologies

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