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What is Strange Bedfellows?

Strange Bedfellows is the local unit, called a Domain, of the Camarilla International White Wolf fan club.

What we do

Strange Bedfellows operates live action role playing games in Sacramento County, California which are part of the world-wide Camarilla Sanctioned Chronicle.

Who we are

Strange Bedfellows is a club of ordinary people in and around the Sacramento area who enjoy improvisational acting.

Come on, Vampires? Get real!

Live Action Role Playing is all about being what you are not. We take on the roles of fictional characters in a massive play.

We are not punk kids wih pointy dentures and white makup. We don't drink blood or harm anyone. We are an improvisational theater troupe and nothing more.

We take the world in which our shared fantasy takes place from the "Wold of Darkness", a world represented in a series of books by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. We enjoy this world because it is rich and well written and because we can interact with hundreds of other troupes world-wide in the Camarilla sanctioned chronicle.



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