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Welcome Child

Listen child. Pay close attention to my words or you might miss something. Something your life could depend on.

Now, look into your own mind and picture yourself walking down an alleyway at night. The night air is nipping at your hands and face. The coat you brought this night keeps the chill breeze from the rest of your body but can not keep the cold itself a bay. It is a cold that runs to the bone and you can just see your breath in the little light that flows to you from a distant street lamp.

There is a sound off to the left and you turn to look. You spot a dark figure in the shadows and you gasp. A moment later your eyes adjust and you realize that there is no one there, then a rat wanders out from behind a pile of trash. The realization allows you to relax a bit. You mentally chide yourself for being so jumpy. But you can't help it. This alley gives of a feeling of dread and you begin to wish you had gone another way.

It seems as if there are creatures all around you, stalking you, hiding in the ether just beyond the scope your perception. And that is when you realize that for several minutes you haven’t moved at all. In fact, now you notice that you couldn't move on even if you wanted to. The alleyway itself seems to be alive and it has you in its snare. You are entranced by it. It beckons to you. In your mind the alleyway seems to call your name. It calls to you. That is when you become aware that you are not walking through it but it is walking through you. Through your very being and you know that now you belong to it. And then, everything fades to nothing.

Welcome to my world childe, a World of Darkness.

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